«Sofi Strokatto» – is the name, which has been delivered in Italian manner by the young lady, Moscow fashion designer, marked the beginning of the new brand.

Back in 2008, after tailoring the stage costumes for one dancer friend, designer have been applied by one of the most fancy night clubs in Moscow to create stage costumes for it’s professional dancers. Latter on she has started receiving orders from other TOP clubs of Moscow and then from Odessa, Kazan, Montenegro and etc.

For three years the amount of orders increased so much that it became necessary to create a design studio of her own Brand “Sofi Strokatto” 

In 2011 Sofi created her first collection of dresses named “COLORISIUM”, after a presentation of which she was offered to participate in the closing of Ukranian fashion week in Kiev. The Show was attended not only by Ukranian Designers, celebrities and models, but also international stars such as German performer Scooter and socialite Paris Hilton.

Young fashion designer’s unique models had a great success and brand has started gaining popularity.

On the eve of 2012, inspired with image of the dragon- the symbol of the coming year – Sofi make a line of dresses with image of this mythical creature. So  was established her next collection of bright dresses with exclusive airbrushing “SO FREE”.

The style and Sofi’s “fingerprint” creations are recognizable and shine out on a background of seasonal collections produced by many other Russian designers. Hereby Sofi’s another collection “Magic Lace” mystifies practical Swedes, upon the invitation of which Sofi has presented her creations at the inauguration party of the Stockholm Fashion Week in Sweden in 2014.

Here You can find all the collections of Sofi Strokatto which have been created until quite recently, as well as you can watch videos, photos and read the most interesting news from the life of the designer. If desired, you can log on the Sofi Strokatto’s Web Store and make your best catch.

Creating the model dresses, Sofi wants to emphasize feminity and individuality of their future owners. The importance given to the selection of material, among which used real leather, silk, satin, chiffon, lace, Italian whool, and especial popularity gives magnificent jersey, which is soft and pleasant to the touch after contact with skin, sits down excellent on the figure and emphasize invitingly the female form.

Sofi Strokatto – is the clothing for daring women, fear not to attract attention, while remaining feminine and sophisticated.

Among the models of casual clothes appear ones for the male half of the fans of the brand, such as sweaters in the winter collection “Snow sparkS